Looking for a Summer in Milan Survival Guide

Earlier today, I was googling the climate in Milan. Even though I needed them as material for a post on a different blog, it was also for my own self. And I was not so secretly hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. 

I fall victim to heat extremely easily, sweat loads and become dehydrated – so I was dearly praying that at least someone would say comforting and reassuring things, that someone like me would be able to survive it both mentally and physically. I need to get stronger! 

Of course, people live everywhere. People get used to whatever is given. (That was strictly speaking a figure of speech.) But you know what I’m saying – maybe drastic change in work and life will come harder on me than I expected. Standing on the same spot for hours, often facing visitors with odd requests can be lethal under certain circumstances. 

Sultriness. Humid. Heat waves.
This family of words… Oh how much I fear them, loathe them. That was almost poetic now, wasn’t it? So I’m looking for a ‘Summer in Milan Survival Guide.’ Or a realistic heads-up for such a job during the hot season. 

Yet another add-up to the existing list of concerns for my volunteer job at the Expo Milano 2015. Will clear them up shortly!

Rock Werchter 2012

When was the last gig you’ve all been to? It was already almost three years ago for me – although it was a 4-day-long festival rather than a concert.


It was Rock Werchter 2012 in Belgium. Wow, just the sound of it makes it feel like it was ages ago! In my memory, the week is highlighted. First ever camping at a festival sight, so no wonder.

(To be perfectly honest, though, what is left deeply etched is how it smelled, the temperature, and other almost unbearable discomforts. Oh, the joy of witnessing seats in buses and being able to sit in one, practically shouting “seats!” at the top of my lungs.)

Other than the usual ordeal of no shower for 4 days, it was purely magnificent. I’d hardly ever seen so many people packed in such a place with the sole purpose of having fun. And all of them dancing like no one is looking, and singing along, sweating and trembling together. I honestly think there are few other things that can convey such strong and positive feelings – I miss being at concerts! I miss the jumping and screaming. So. Much.


The weather was mostly beautiful during the day.(Mostly damp and rainy during the night, but nothing dramatic.) This picture above is taken with an old iPod touch – but look at that blue of the sky! Even though the sun made us get tipsy easier from the beer, it kept breaks pleasant. 

That year, each and every person who wanted was given a cloth bag for collecting cups. Believe me, it was a HUGE fun to collect them and get free drink coupons! I think I paid for probably 20% of all drinks I consumed over the festival period – meaning that I picked up hundreds of used cups. It’s pretty clever, right? And very useful for poor exchange students like me and my friends.(Some random guys ran up to us and snatched our cup bags, too. Guess they were bloody desperate for some beer.)

On the train back to A’dam, I thought, ‘this is going to be the last festival camping I would ever have.‘ I’ll have to reconsider that – my body itches for some more of it.

Fun experience: Helping Out at Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2015

You need to do a job, and you haven’t been informed about it, not in the least. How well do you think you can carry it out? 

My answer to this question 3 days ago would’ve been a stern ‘not good,’ or at least ‘uncertain but highly doubtful.’ I think I would be capable of managing it after those three days of being an assistant at an electronics and manufacturing exhibition.


Electronics Manufacturing Korea 2015 took place in Seoul from April 1st to 3rd.  To be honest, I still don’t have a clue what the other participants were exhibiting. There was a countless number of very high-tech looking machines! To my ignorant mind, though, they were nothing but unrecognisable. I have to admit I was a tiny bit awe-stricken by the fact that there are people who can carry full conversations on those boxes.

Aaaand, the job given to me was to assist exhibition staff at one of the booths! The initial idea was that I give a hand prepping promo materials and answer simple questions. 


Unlike how we expected it to be, however, things got almost out of control and I was literally forced to provide pseudo-satisfying answers to questions. Not being prepared beforehand, I had no other options but to learn bits from what was said. The questions I couldn’t quite answer needed to be handled anyway. 


It was an electronics and manufacturing exhibition – and the last science class I had was in 10th grade!(It was not even computer sciences, duh) So the most challenging questions for me were those where visitors asked technical questions. And surprisingly listening close and paying attention to the answers other staff gave was of huge help! Thanks to this, I can now say that I know a thing or two about it. 

All in all, I learned new stuff!

   a) how to act in case of difficult questions

   b) very, very basic knowledge about printed circuit board components

   c) how to teach myself about a specific thing in a short period of time with limited material

I’m tremendously happy that I could be of help, let alone the aforementioned personal achievements. Even though my feet suffered awfully much from long hours standing. I’d think of it as a prep for the next 6 months in Milan. 

Photography: Belated Journal Entry


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but keeping record of events tops my list of resolutions for the year 2015.
Precisely because of that, I bought a daily journal to force myself to write a little something everyday or feel bad about not writing it. Which has been working pretty good. I like what it looks like and my favorite part of it is its simplicity. The pages are not tremendously big so I don’t feel intimidated, and in case I want to write some more I use my other notebook where I write things on a theme basis rather than a daily basis.

I’m a bit behind given that today is the 26th of January, but my excuse is I feel more assured of my thoughts about the past couple days now.