Model European Council

I’m taking part in the Model European Council this year held by the EU Centres nationwide – the deadline for the position papers is 2. November, and I will most probably spend the entire Sunday on this.

I get to represent Cyprus with another participant, with whom I get along very well by the way.
We’re halfway through with the outline for the paper and drafting is more or less all that’s left for us to do. It is really tricky, though, to conclude (or imagine depending on how you view our approach) that Cyprus has any concrete position as to the Eastern Partnership Programme of the EU, given the domestic circumstances, and what its position would be. There are a number or relevant factors, yet it is not simple to professionally, diplomatically and mildly put it into words. (I’ll try to introduce our position paper in case it goes well!)

I’m more concerned than excited to be part of it and can’t seem to get the image of myself out of my head, dumbfounded and intimidated at the event which will happen in a week. Hopefully I can proudly say I enjoyed it and will be able to write a word or two about the session! Wish me luck – thanks in advance.

P. S. When anyone feels like filling me in with their information on Cyprus and Eastern Partnership(EaP), please feel free to do so. It will definitely help us to get a grip.