Looking for a Summer in Milan Survival Guide

Earlier today, I was googling the climate in Milan. Even though I needed them as material for a post on a different blog, it was also for my own self. And I was not so secretly hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. 

I fall victim to heat extremely easily, sweat loads and become dehydrated – so I was dearly praying that at least someone would say comforting and reassuring things, that someone like me would be able to survive it both mentally and physically. I need to get stronger! 

Of course, people live everywhere. People get used to whatever is given. (That was strictly speaking a figure of speech.) But you know what I’m saying – maybe drastic change in work and life will come harder on me than I expected. Standing on the same spot for hours, often facing visitors with odd requests can be lethal under certain circumstances. 

Sultriness. Humid. Heat waves.
This family of words… Oh how much I fear them, loathe them. That was almost poetic now, wasn’t it? So I’m looking for a ‘Summer in Milan Survival Guide.’ Or a realistic heads-up for such a job during the hot season. 

Yet another add-up to the existing list of concerns for my volunteer job at the Expo Milano 2015. Will clear them up shortly!


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