I think we should write more.

Back in the day when many kept journals and diaries, lives had been turned into words on pages. The days were remembered and the thoughts were neatly woven into sentences. We still had time to write – to write is to think, think and think again.

What I find very sad is that we seem not to put much time into writing. When I come to think of it, the reason lies in the amount of stuff to read I receive every single day. It’s a gazillion times more than what I could even pretend to digest! Just think about how the bookmark bar, yours most probably too, is overflowing. And we spend time reading, filtering and absorbing – but not writing much.

Writing is, for me, something huge. It is a creative process which takes up a long time and energy as a matter of fact. The thoughts are sorted and become neat. Not only that, writing makes sharing of thoughts super easy! Plus the brain would often deny to recall the details from a train of thoughts, and writing provides tremendous help for that. But most important of all is, in my opinion, is that you think over the course of writing.

‘How should I begin? In which order should I put the subtopics? Does this really make sense? Which proof can I offer to make it stronger?’ – all these are questions everyone would often ask themselves during writing. It makes the human brain think hard. It trains you to communicate better in the form of written language.

When I first started to keep log on wordpress, I was startled with a pleasant surprise that a lot of writers are breathing life in their thoughts by turning them into words. Now that is another example of taking advantage od the advanced communication tech! How easy peasy.

I will never dare say that I am a good writer. Though, I believe that whether one is working on some kind of ‘logs’ or not does tell a little something about them – in most cases it means they think much. Lubricated brains. I think they are attractive.


3 thoughts on “I think we should write more.

  1. I was a little surprised when I clicked on the link to your article because your WordPress theme is the same as mine so I felt as though I stepped into a familiar yet different place! You’re right, we think a lot when we write and these thought processes are what drive our minds to come up with something good. There will never be a time when we don’t think as we write because our writing will become something that is void of any creativity. The more I write on my WordPress, the more I feel that I’ve gained some sort of improvement in writing – I can’t tell what it is yet but I’m sure it is there ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I see what you mean! It’s a strange feeling, even though I knew that the Penscratch theme must be one of the most popular. I can see that you’re really dedicated to writing, and am glad you found my post by chance! What fills most of our time is what I call the ‘passive media’ – we don’t read let alone write as much because so much is given in the audiovisual form. I perfectly understand what you meant by the feeling of improvement in writing. Even more so for I am keeping this WP blog in a second language! Thanks loads for your comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Wow that’s incredible! I can’t even write a proper essay in my second language without consulting the dictionary after every few words. Great job!

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