Tokyo Days: Day Trip to Yokohama

I would like to share some of the pictures I took during a day trip to Yokohama from early January this year. Yokohama is a perfect destination for a day trip from around Tokyo! It’s good because

1) It has a appallingly beautiful harbour,
2) Doesn’t take long by train from Tokyo,
3) Japanese China town is interesting to visit,
4) Has a great park(Yamashita Park),
5) There are interesting museums(i.e. Ramen, Cup Noodles, Kirin Beer, etc.)

横浜 reads Yokohama – it bears the literal meaning of ‘the neighbouring harbour.’ So it’s quite self-explanatory that Yokohama is located almost right next to Tokyo with a fairly big population of over 3 million. Being a big city as it is, I felt the atmosphere was quite different. A tad bit more calm? Relaxing?

Yokohama was one of the first harbours in Japan to be opened to foreign trade. If you decide for a ferry ride, as I did, you will find the red warehouse buildings close to the water reminding you of western architecture style. As a matter of fact, the entire city holds a faint shadow of what we would usually call western. I skipped the Yamate district, but I’ve heard there is a western residential area – I would love to check it out the next time. Maybe it would be legit to say that Yokohama is less traditionally Japanese with all this and a Chinatown, too.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

All of the photos are taken by me, and in case you want to re-post them somewhere else, please let me know or put a link. Thanks!


One thought on “Tokyo Days: Day Trip to Yokohama

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