Sokcho: our traditional holiday destination

Sokcho is a city on the east coast, my family’s traditional holiday destination. Personally I find it more attractive during winter – there are less people at the shores and seasonal seafood (actually food in general in the region) is simply mindblowing.

Last weekend was our latest stay at the place. It was short, but never too short to eat some nice meals! Crabs and some sashimi tasted wonderful, of which I sadly took no picture at all. I was starved, after all!



There’s this restaurant specializing in wild plants. Most of the main ingredients are gathered in the nearby mountains, and the dishes are very healthy, hearty and pleasing to look at. The pictures above prove it, don’t they?
It’s no place for carnivores, but it shows how delicious food can be without meat as well.


Strictly it’s not the other side of the borderline, but it was taken from a spot where unadmitted persons cannot enter for security reasons. It’s tragic, really, that we still find ourselves in the situation where you have to identify yourself just to be there. Yet at the same time I could not help but feel disppointed at how the entire purpose of this place deviated from that of the beginning. Everywhere your eyes land stand stalls that pretend to be selling some liquor from the other side of the borderline. It almost disgusted me.
Well, we’ve had enough rant about it!


Now this was a extraordinarily good dinner.

Usually this kind of pot includes only seafood and are cooked with some seasonings to make it appear red. But this one here is hiding a chicken at the bottom. Hence the name sea-sky-hotpot! I was doubtful, but right at the moment I first put some of that heavenly thing in my mouth was my worry flown away. I highlh recommend that you add some green chili pepper to it.

Looking at the pictures again makes my mouth water already. I’d better give in to the sleep or I’ll end up munching something at this hour.


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