Expo Milano 2015

What a pleasant surprise – I get to experience Expo Milano 2015 first-hand! For the entire duration of the event, I’ll be participating as a volunteer for a country pavilion.

This year’s theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” It will be a good chance to look into what other countries, CSOs and corporates are working on in order to solve the very question. I am even more happy to be a part of it, because it genuinely interests me and I also hope to find a job in the field.

Food and Energy may seem like two entirely different stories. But they, in fact, are not. First of all, both are crucial, indispensable factors of modern human life on earth. Not only that, they can clash each other – this makes it an exceptionally tricky question. Take ethanol for example. Experts are warning that it might turn into a battlefield around some crop varieties, because they are apparently valuable both as food and as source of energy. People with low income in less developed places will want to eat, while some other people who are better off will want to use them to make their lives more prosperous.

I believe that the answer will turn up sooner or later, and this Expo in Milan this year will provide an insight to the matter. All in all, I am tremendously happy!


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