eBook vs. Print

Hunger Games was such a hype, but I was not eager enough to buy or borrow the actual book to give it a try – mostly out of doubt about the whole fuss.

While browsing iBook one day to get an idea which books to read, it turns out that some of the bestsellers are offered for under $4! I downloaded the sample of Hunger Games, was really absorbed in the story by the end of the sample and ended up purchasing my first eBook. One lead to another, and I am currently reading Jonas Jonasson’s The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden on my iPhone.

eBook devices promise comfortable reading experience. You can read in the dark, for example, without bothering any other person in the same room who is probably sleeping. You can even read in the sun more comfortably for the screen does not reflect the sunlight as much as paper normally would. You may be reading multiple books at the moment, and it reduces the weight of your bag for they can carry countless books. If you reside in the US, you can even borrow eBooks from local libraries (which is sadly not the case for me.) So I honestly wished for a Amazon Kindle for my birthday this year.

Despite the given advantages of eBook devices, I found my heart going back to the printed books. You can’t possibly deny that half the fun of books is buying and stacking them! Turning pages of printed books is also a delightful feeling. Marking eBooks was never done in a satisfying way as marking printed books would be.

It really is a game with no winner. eBooks fit better for certain occasions where carrying printed books verge on being bothersome. But we are not accustomed to the eBooks yet, not as much as we are to the conventional books. And printed books satisfy our desire to possess things. Materialistic but true.

So I still want a Kindle Paperwhite, but I would still go book shopping to real-life bookstores.


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