Film Review: La Luna (2011)


I started rating movies that I’ve watched thanks to an app. It suggests an endless list of movies so people could make their own lists out of films they’ve seen with their own ratings and brief comments.

There were some that recurrently showed up in the suggested list, and La Luna was one of them. So, out of pure curiosity, I tapped on the poster and found out that it is a short animation movie by the Disney Pixar Studio. It would never hurt to give it a go; I was right!


The idea was really, really brilliant.
There have been many myths and telltales about the moon since the beginning of, well, languages I assume. Most famous among them from where I’m from are that of an orphaned girl and his brother who became the moon and the sun respectively and another is about the rabbits residing on the moon. If the idea La Luna was based on were one of those usual stories parents tell kids at bedtime, it wouldn’t have been as impressive as it was when I watched the film. It was so new and so young, naïve and pure! I wonder if this was a genuine idea or if they picked it up from somewhere else.


Not to mention that it was one beautifully made animation film! You’ll see what I mean right away when you see the screen caps, but there’s more than that; it’s an audiovisually pleasing one. The sound the star-shaped things, whatever they are, make when they’re touched or clash with one another? It’s lovely. I also loved that they spoke no specific language – this way it makes the film universal. Everyone gets it.
Well, although, I believed it was very much likely to be the Italian language if they spoke at all, judging by the extent to which their hands were involved in their communication.

I guess sometime imagination seems to make more sense than explanation.


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