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What a cute thing you are! This is a mug-shaped bookmark on page 247 of Jonathan Tropper’s This is Where I Leave You. This book has been my current read for the last couple weeks, thanks to the intervention of midterm exams, for which I had hardly prepared and consequently left me with hardly any time for pastime reading.

My old man’s a collector of many different bookmarks. This fact explains why I always try to get pretty bookmarks from where I’ve travelled to.

I found a pretty amazing store that sells a variety of ornaments near Prague Castle, but the best items they had were the bookmarks. I remember spending almost half an hour inside that store, looking around the shop and thinking half a million times whether I should spend the rest of my travel budget on them. No, seriously. Prague was my last destination after all, and I found them THAT beautiful.

But this one in the picture above is one that I actually got from him. I was marking how far I’ve read with a piece of receipt and thought I could probably use one of his collected bookmarks. So I asked for one, and I found this little one from a package he got from Tokyo some time ago. (For a moment I thought I might have to refer to this as a book dart, but since I couldn’t mark the exact line I decided to call this a bookmark instead.) My principle is : when you travel to Japan, bring loads of money with you for you’re going to find so many things you’d like to buy and bring back home with. This is honestly not the sole reason for that!

I finished the book soon after taking this picture, and the bookmark is now with another book. And it looks as nice as with any other book.


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