Recently Watched

Ever since the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t able to squeeze in movie nights into my schedule as often. Today I added another movie to the watched list – it was Any Day Now(2012).

This movie came out 2 years after the original release in 2012 and is now running around here. I think I’d write some more about this one soon, but simply put, it is about the minorities. A couple of men fighting to defend the rights of a boy. I would give 4 stars out of 5 to this one.

The second last movie I watched at the cinema is Frank(2014). There is an increasing number of films the plot of which mainly revolves around music, and this was one of them. The first difference I personally noticed was that the songs in the movie were not as pleasant to the ears, but that precisely is the point. Another thing is; I thank Michael Fassbender for wearing those sleeveless tops in the movie. I’d give 3.5 out of 5.

Hopefully I’ll manage to draft something on these two movies sooner or later!


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