After the Midterms

I have just finished what is going to be the last midterm exams that I would ever have, at least as undergraduate. This meme is very proper at this point.

For I had the biggest chance of winning scholarships awarded for good GPA each semester, library reduced my home to a bedroom. This being the last semester, which means I would not have to struggle as much to get good grades in everything, I slightly let myself a tad bit loose and started cramming for the exams merely days before.

To my surprise, I was prepared almost like any other semester(which means I managed to be completely unprepared.) September was a very lazy month and I from time to time thought that I should get up and do something. The list of that ‘something’ was already in place. But I just could not get myself to move – maybe my body wanted a little recovery from 8 straight months of internship and a part-time job at the same time.

Now that I – even though it initially wasn’t my own will to do so – am more willing and eager to check those little boxes on my to-do list, I feel a lot better and less worried. Well honestly I think it’s partly thanks to the first good night’s sleep I had in the last couple months, but whatever the reason, it’s swell.

Off to preparation for the team project meeting later this afternoon. Will write a little something on this project soon, too.


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