Flower Garden


This is one of the things that drew my attetion of late. Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is a coloring book, though not the kind we had fun with when young. Each and every page of it is filled with drawings of nature like flowers, birds, insects – simply said, the entire book is a garden.

It claims to free us from the daily stress and thus persuades us not to engage with any activities that concern our (relatively) new necessities of life, mobile phones.

I realized looking back that we always learn to think. How to think, what to think and even why to think. But we almost never learn not to think. The benefits of moments not thinking, I have to say, exceeded my expectation which was not necessarily very high to tell the truth.

When we are under a lot of stress, we usually resort to sleep or (binge) drink and become oblivious of the problems bugging us. What coloring this book does to us is almost exactly the same.

We learn how to think, what to think and even why to think. Rarely do we learn not to think – so we have to do something entirely unrelated to refrain our thoughts from steering towards those we would rather not think about. That something entirely unrelated may as well be coloring the plants and flowers. I felt like I’ve taken refuge from the common struggles of life, so as to say.

Although finishing the whole book might require a little bit more of commitment and devotion and concentration and steady work .. 😉


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